Days in the 70s lower than normal for May 2016

As of May 20th, only four days reached 70° so far this month.  Why does that matter?  To put that into perspective, the month of May for South Bend and the surrounding area typically sees at least seventeen days with high temperatures of at least 70 degrees.  In case you missed the previous posts, we've been documenting how the first half of May 2016 has put the entire month on track for the top 5 coldest Mays on record.  

We still have 11 days left in the calendar month and even if everyday reaches a high of 70°, we'll still be below normal for the amount of 70° days.  Over the last five years, May 2011 is the only month to not reach the normal amount of 70° days.

Meanwhile, May 2014 spent over 75% of the month over 70°.  In fact, the hottest day that month was on the 27th with a high of 97°.  

Now, the weather team at ABC57 News is not tracking near 100° heat in the 10-day, but more 70s are in the forecast to add onto that unseasonably low number.  Check out your daily forecast here, and check back at the end of the month to see just how many days were 70° or above.

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