Days with 90° heat are upon us

Last year around this time, June 10th, 2015 to be exact, we registered our first official 90 degree day of 2015.  As we almost complete the first ten days of June 2016, many are wondering when the dog days of summer will move in.  So far, the highest temperature we've reached this month is 84° on June 6th before a cool-down ushered in unseasonably cool air for the 7th and 8th.    


It's been quite some time since our last 90 degree day.  At the time this article was posted, nearly 275 days ago, September 7th, was the last time we have felt that 90 degree heat.  

As far as the normal amount of days during each of the summer months (June, July, August), the National Weather Service of Northern Indiana has kept a close eye on how many days each of those summer months have reached 90 degrees or above in the South Bend area and those numbers are below:

We average a total of 8.7 days of 90 degree heat over the course of the summer months.  With averages, that means we could see more than that in any given year or less than that the next year.  In the 10-day forecast, we can see the first 90 degree day of 2016.  Be sure to to stay up to date with the latest forecast updates here

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