Deadly accident: 3 killed in crash on U.S. 31

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The 17 year old driver of a blue Dodge Caravan made it out alive.  But the driver and passengers of a red Toyota Rav 4 were not so lucky. The male driver, and his two female passengers died because of their injuries.  Two of the victims died on impact and one was rushed to the hospital, where they died shortly after arrival.
St. Joseph County Police say the van was flying down U.S. 31, going over the speed limit. The driver crossed the center line and slammed into the Rav 4.

The Rav 4 then spun out and hit a white Chevy truck.

The man who was driving the Chevy was examined at the scene and was able to walk away from the accident.
"People need to be careful and obey the speed limits because things like this can happen.  At high rates of speed it only takes just a split second to lose control of your vehicle and cross the center line." explained Sheriff Michael Grezegorek, St. Joseph County Police Department.
Police say they will release names on Monday once families have been notified.

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