Dec-O-Art donates $50,000 to Mishawaka Troop Town

Representatives of Dec-O-Art and Mishawaka Troop Town hold the check for the $50,000 donation. Photo by Matt Paige. Jim Metherd, surrounded by representatives of Mishawaka Troop Town, speaks to Nathan Dosmann during a tour of the Dec-O-Art facility. Photo by Matt Paige.

ELKHART, Ind. – Dec-O-Art, a family-owned label and decal printing company, commemorated their 50th anniversary with a donation to Mishawaka Troop Town, a veteran-owned and operated initiative that supports homeless and in-need veterans.

“Our focus is on those troops who have been to the battle lines and have come home. Who have sacrificed and have seen situations and experiences that leave a lasting impact,” said Nathan Dosmann, President of Dec-O-Art. “Dec-O-Art is proud to help make the bridge of returning home a shorter and easier walk.”

The $50,000 donation will help Mishawaka Troop Town provide housing and other necessary services to these veterans.

“We hope to be Indiana’s first stick-built, tiny home community, aimed at providing transitional housing for veterans,” said Jim Metherd, co-founder of Mishawaka Troop Town and a veteran of Desert Storm. “This is a steppingstone for veterans to get back to a meaningful position within the community.”

Metherd said MTT hopes to break ground on the housing community in the spring.

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