Deer archery season starts October 1 in Indiana

The official deer archery season officially starts on October 1, according to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

Varying deer hunting seasons will run through January 31, 2020.

According to the DNR, over 300,000 people will participate in deer hunting during this time.

 The DNR says that the most common injuries sustained by participants in deer hunting involve tree strands and elevated platforms.

Ahead of the first day of deer hunting, Indiana Conservation Officers are sharing a few safety tips:

  • Carry emergency equipment like a cell phone and flashlight
  • Have a plan before you hunt
  • Tell someone of your plan, including where you’re going and when your planned time of return is and stick to it
  • Identify game before pointing a firearm
  • Have knowledge of what is beyond your target

For more information, including how to stay safe when using an elevated platform, visit

To view locations where hunting is permitted in Indiana, click here

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