Deer hunting season safety

NILES, Mich. -- Deer hunting season has started in Michiana. The most important thing is to hunt safely.

“Depending on what licensing you have you can either shoot an antler less deer which is a doe or a young buck or you can shoot a buck with actual antlers," says Bryan Williams, owner of Trailhead Mercantile.

Williams says the most important thing you can do to stay safe is to wear an orange vest and orange hat so other hunters can see you.

He also stresses to see with your eyes before you shoot, and not just listen for sound.

“See what you are shooting is the number one rule when you are firing any firearm. Have a direct line of sight at what you are shooting as well as what is behind it," says Williams.

Although the safety on your gun may startle a deer, Williams warns to always leave it on.

“They think that turning it off you can get the upper edge on them but really if they drop the gun or forget they have the safety off it could turn into another situation,” says Williams.

While killing deer may often be viewed as brutal, Williams believes it is necessary.

“If there isn’t a hunting season, the deer will overpopulate you will have more car accidents, you will have more disease,” says Williams.

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