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Definitely not Dr. Pepper

 We'll start of this blog with too much information.  I have a sinus infection.  I know...sorry!

You will notice on air, it sounds like I am super winded and congested.  I am!  I have an immense amount of sinus pressure.  It makes me just want to lay down all day.  Medicine is helping with the congestion, but I still feel pretty lousy.

All right enough complaining from me!

The funny thing is that I have tried everything to feel better!  Last night I looked all over the internet for home remedies.  The one that I kept coming across over and over was a concoction of cayenne pepper and apple cider vinegar.  I had both in my apartment, so, I figured, what the heck!  I added three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water then I added a tablespoon of cayenne pepper and mixed.  It looked and smelled pretty nasty.  But, hey, at least I could smell it!!!

Down the hatch it went (slowly) and it did help a little.  I think more than anything, my mouth was on fire, and so then I was thinking about that and not the fact that the swelling behind my cheeks.  And, it made me laugh that I actually did it!

Let me know if you have any other suggestions for relief!  

I have tried medicine, a humidifier, warm compresses (which do help), sleep, spicy foods and lots of water.  I think I just need to rest and let my body fight it rather than trying to find a quick fix...but I am open to suggestions!  

Anyone in the mood for sushi tonight?  I have a feeling a spoonful of wasabi would clear me right up!

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