High school coach runs for congress, attempts to upset Yakym

NOW: High school coach runs for congress, attempts to upset Yakym

INDIANA - Lori Camp is the Democratic candidate running against Republican Congressman Rudy Yakym for Indiana's Second District seat.

Camp says when it became clear Rep. Yakym had no opponent in the primary and there was no Democratic opponent for the general election, she decided to throw her hat in the ring, just one day before the filing deadline.

Camp stated, "I have people that are like, 'we've never heard of you'. And I'm like, well, that's because I was just a regular person. Coaching, working, kind of just doing what normal everyday people do. And there's a million of us out there that you don't know. But we're nose to the grindstone, getting stuff done. We're really why the country works."

Camp's a wife, mother, and graduate of IUSB working at a South Bend tech company, who also coaches high school swimming, previously at Adams High School, now at Mishawaka.

Upset with what she sees as partisan politics from Congressman Yakym, Camp says her campaign is based on expanding the economy and expanding personal rights.

One of the issues she hears resonating with voters is her push to codify reproductive rights that existed under Roe v Wade.

"I had grandfathers calling me, Republicans and Democrats, saying, 'This is overreach. My granddaughters have fewer rights than my wife or my daughter had'," said Camp.

It's expected to be an uphill battle to defeat an incumbent, especially in a district that tends to vote Republican.

Camp and Yakym are both unopposed in the May primary.

The general election is November 5.

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