Democratic mayoral candidate debate

Mayoral candidate Henry Davis, Jr. and current South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg faced off in IUSB's auditorium for a debate. They discussed everything from roads and sidewalks to the infamous tapes scandal.

Both Davis, Jr. and Mayor Buttigieg were passionate in everything they said.

While this debate may have sealed the deal for some voters, others left the event unconvinced.

“They were very thorough and the questions were answered completely,” says South Bend voter Toshua Williams.

Voters say they enjoyed the event, and it was a way for them to see the candidates like they never have before.

“I feel like we were able to see them in a more holistic manner,” says Sonja Owens, a South Bend resident.

“I just wanted to figure out what they're both about,” says South Bend resident Danielle Redman.

These voters told ABC 57 news they appreciated the candidates' honesty.

Honesty that now has some minds made up.

“I have made my decision and I wasn't leaning towards the current mayor,” says Williams.

While others left this auditorium with some thinking to do.

“I think it really opened up my mind to both candidates. I don't think I've made a decision at this point,” says South Bend voter, Kim Slaughter.

The mayoral candidates will be on “Politically Speaking” on WNIT. Click here to see when. 

The primary election is May 5th.
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