Democratic state representatives joined Pro-Choice protests in downtown South Bend

NOW: Democratic state representatives joined Pro-Choice protests in downtown South Bend


SOUTH BEND, Ind., --- Wednesday afternoon, dozens of pro-choice protesters filled the sidewalks around the federal courthouse in downtown South Bend, fighting to secure abortion access across the Hoosier state.

The gathering came after state legislature changed the special summer session from July 6th to July 25th.

That's when the Indiana legislature is expected to discuss the future of abortion in the state.

Alongside pro-choice protesters in downtown South Bend, Wednesday, were democratic state representatives, hoping to put pressure on their colleagues at the capitol ahead of the Indiana general assembly’s special session.

“We want to get the message out that women should be trusted to make their own healthcare decisions in a state that has the third highest maternal mortality,” said Maureen Bauer, Indiana State Representative for House District six.

“We out here showing people that there are people fighting for them,” added Sus Kil, one of the Pro-Choice protest organizers for Wednesday’s demonstration.

Right now, in Indiana abortion is legal up to 20 weeks, with some restrictions and required waiting periods.

There were 7,756 terminations reported in the state in 2020, according to the Indiana Department of Health, more than 95-percent of those were for Indiana residents.

Democratic state representatives and candidates said they are hoping to avoid an outright ban.

“We want to ensure that women have safe access to the healthcare that they choose and ensure at the state level we do not have any more restrictions placed on healthcare access,” explained Bauer.

“We’re just looking to treat women just like we treat men and men aren’t losing their civil liberties right now,” added Thomas McDermott, Democratic U.S. Senate nominee.

Demonstrators hope their message is heard across the aisle.

“We’re here today to make sure our voices keep being heard. We had a lot of local candidates in town and we wanted them to be able to come out and see us and hear us because we’re the voters and we will be voting in November,” added Jennifer Shabazz, another Pro-Choice protest organizer for Wednesday's demonstration.

That special legislative session is now set to take place July 25TH so, Hoosiers can now expect a decision toward the end of next month.

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