Democrats call out Mike Braun for D.C. fundraising

NOW: Democrats call out Mike Braun for D.C. fundraising

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Democrats say Republican U.S. Senate nominee Mike Braun is entering “swampy” territory as he looks to pull in big donor support at a fundraiser in the nation’s capital Monday evening.

This comes less than a month after Braun rolled out his “Meet the Swamp Brothers” TV ad, criticizing his primary opponents for being career politicians.

He said several times on the campaign trail, he was the only “outsider” in the race and he’s committed “draining the swamp.”

But Indiana’s Democratic Party (IDP) believes he’s now singing a different tune.

The party called out Braun for being the guest of honor at a fundraiser hosted by longtime Republican politician and Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell.

“Rep. Braun’s warm embrace of Mitch McConnell is a slap in the face to Hoosiers who believed the outsider act he put on during the primary,” said IDP spokesperson Michael Feldman in a statement to ABC 57 News.

But Republicans are brushing off that criticism.

“Mike Braun is a certifiable outsider who has spent his adult life building a successful career in Indiana, while Democrat Joe Donnelly has spent the past twelve years doing whatever Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi ask him to do,” said Indiana Republican Party spokesman Pete Seat in a statement to ABC 57 News.

While Braun primarily self-funded his primary bid, he’s now looking for money elsewhere in this showdown with Democratic Incumbent Senator Joe Donnelly.

According to the Federal Election Commission, Donnelly has raised more than $9.7 million for his reelection campaign and has just over $6 million in cash left on hand.

Meanwhile Braun is trailing with $5.8 million total raised and $1.3 million left over after intense primary spending.

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