Demonstrators rally outside Fred Upton’s office

NOW: Demonstrators rally outside Fred Upton’s office

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. –Demonstrators met outside Representative Fred Upton’s office in St. Joseph earlier today.

Participants included Trump supporter’s that were there to show their support for the president including Larry Burghdoff who stated, “There’s been some negative publicity all along and we wanted to get out here and show there’s some positive support here and as you can see by the people honking and waving.”

But the rally also brought out counter-protesters with a different message with homemade signs supporting Black Lives Matter and the USPS.

“Well, I think they’re more opportunists than committed to anything,” counter-protester Patrick Drayzen said. “They’re just looking for mud that they can throw at us because they don’t like Democrats.”

While there were several words exchanged between the two groups, the event was peaceful.

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