Dining Days hopes to revitalize Mishawaka economy

Thursday marked the first ever Riverwalk Dining Days event in downtown Mishawaka.

Among the eight different restaurants participating is the Smokestack Brew.

Executive Chef Thomas Douthart understands the next several days will be a big opportunity for his restaurant.

 “Bringing in new customers and keeping them, showing them what we do, showcasing our bar, showcasing our kitchen, definitely the food coming out, that’s what we want to see,” said Douthart.

It’s not just at his business where Douthart wants to see new faces.

He’s also hopeful that events like this can help revitalize the community as a whole.

“We kind of need to bring the small town things back to our communities. Something like this helps out by giving the community something close by their houses instead of having to go out to Grape Road,” said Douthart.

Oliva’s Restaurant has been open for over five years and is excited to be showcased as one of Mishawaka’s locally owned businesses and just as proud for the chance to give back.

“10 percent of the proceeds go to the food pantry and we’re actually going to match another 10 percent so 20 percent of all our sales for this will be going to the food pantry,” said Laurie Denison, a manager at Oliva’s.

Each of the eight restaurants put together special menus for this event which goes until August 2nd.

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