"Dino-mite" photoshoot at Thistleberry Farm

NOW: “Dino-mite“ photoshoot at Thistleberry Farm

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A Michiana wedding photographer got a chance to show off her wild side.

This t-rex stopped to smell the sunflowers at Thistleberry Farm over the weekend. It's the first adventure the dinosaur is taking around northern Indiana.

The photographer behind the pictures, Chantel Miller, says that most wedding vendors are working double time because of the pandemic. She couldn't pass up the opportunity to have a little fun.

"I wanted to create this fun, creative shoot for myself," she explained. "Give myself a little break, push myself, and I thought, 'that is such an interesting thing to do.' Very unique. So I just took my own spin on it."

Miller adds since she posted these photos to her page, several couples have already messaged her asking if they could set up their own dino-inspired sessions. She says she is always up for something different, since the details in everything else she shoots are usually so pristine.

Typically Miller offers mini sessions for humans in the sunflower field, but this dinosaur shoot has been garnering a lot of attention on social media. Watch for this costume to make another surprise appearance at a local pumpkin patch or apple orchard soon.

You can find the future dinosaur photos, along with all of her work, by visiting the Chantel Miller Storytelling Facebook or Instagram page.

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