Disabled woman denied job at Olive Garden

NOW: Disabled woman denied job at Olive Garden

ELKHART, Ind.- 21-year-old Allison Hunsberger was denied a position as a sever at an Ekhart Olive Garden off Brittany Court.

Hunsberger said she went into the branch to interview about a month ago.

She said management said they would work around her disability during her first initial interview.

When Hunsberger came back a few days later, she met with a different manager who denied her.

She said they denied her because they don't think she could hold a tray or use the cheese grater. 

“I’ve always had the looks and the stares and people have made assumptions that I can’t do something. But this is the first time someone has actually turned me down for the fact that I only do have one hand," said Hunsberger. "I had to go back and prove them wrong. Prove to myself that I can do it. So if it takes that, then do it. It meant a lot for me to just go back in a month later and prove them wrong and just of kind of be like yea I did that!”

The American's with Disabilities Act, or ADA, was put in place in 1990 for reasons just like this one. 

It prohibits discrimination against those with disabilities in all areas of public life, including jobs.

On Olive Garden's own website it says the chain is an equal opportunity employer.

A spokesperson for the chain, Rich Jeffers, said, "There was clearly a misunderstanding when Allison completed her interview, and we sincerely apologize for that. We've made it clear to her that we want her as part of the Olive Garden family and we hope she will consider joining us."

Since the Hunberger's story went viral on Facebook, she said she's received multiple job offers, including some from other restaurants.

Hunsberger said, “They say that your handicapped, but i'm handicap-able. We are very capable of doing pretty much anything we put our mind to. Don’t disregard us because we’re a little different. Everyone is different. If you can’t look past that then that’s just sad.”

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