Disappointing turnout at Century Center Johnson & Johnson vaccine clinic

NOW: Disappointing turnout at Century Center Johnson & Johnson vaccine clinic

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- Only 65 people showed up for a Johnson & Johnson clinic held at the Century Center by HealthLinc and the South Bend Community School Corporation. There were 1000 doses of the vaccine available.

"Most of us were all hesitant at first, but everybody here at healthlinc has gotten our vaccinations, we keep on going, keep educating," said Stacy O'Donnell, the site's program director. "We’re here to answer any questions any one has."

Wednesday's clinic was the first major clinic using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in St. Joseph County since the vaccine's pause was lifted due to rare blood clotting concerns.

"I understand that they had to pause it," said Sophia Pirela, who received the vaccine on Wednesday. "I don’t think they would give a vaccine that would harm anybody so I’m glad that they brought it back."

Among the vaccinated was an 100 year old woman. Officials say Wednesday's turnout gives a glimpse into the work that needs to be done to overcome the stigma behind the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

"I wasn’t sure how today was going to pan out because they just realized the Johnson & Johnson, but they did their back leg and work and the vaccine is very effective," said O'Donnell.

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