Disappointment over zero visits to SWM on eve of primary

SAINT JOSEPH, Mich. - Republican presidential candidates are asking Michigan voters to pay attention to them tomorrow but the candidates haven’t paid much attention to Michiana.

Monday, the two front runners were campaigning heavily around the state. Mitt Romney was on the Eastside of the state and Santorum was on the Westside but neither has stopped in ‘Michigan’s Great Southwest’.
“We wish they’d come visit us specifically,” said Stephan Smith with the Berrien County Republican Party. “Historically we turn out a lot of Republican votes.”
Smith wrote letters to four candidates asking for each to make a stop in Berrien County. Nobody has stopped despite Berrien County having the 15th largest population in the state and having the 13th most Republican voters of 83 counties.
Smith said face-to-face time with voters is the most effective way to influence voters. “I think (a campaign visit) would have a significant impact on how the vote goes here,” he said.
ABC 57 News contacted both Romney’s and Santorum’s campaign staffers Monday. Santorum’s camp said they would have made a visit but haven’t had time. Romney’s camp couldn’t immediately be contacted.
Tuesday’s primary election is expected to be a close race. Smith said the 6th district vote could come down to Berrien County. “We think the road to winning Michigan goes through Berrien County,” he said.
Polls are open Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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