Divided crowd for Notre Dame-Michigan State game

NILES, Mich. -- We stopped by Jay’s Lounge in Niles Saturday evening to check out the atmosphere, and fans were pumped!  

Even though the bar is across the state line in Michigan, the Fighting Irish had a big cheering section!

Overall, the packed house was divided pretty equally in terms of Notre Dame and Michigan State fans, but all of them had very strong opinions about the outcome of Saturday night's game. 
Most fans we talked to predicted a good game and a close one with a difference of only a touchdown.
We caught up with one Big 10 football fan with a very different idea about the score!!
"I feel good about Michigan State.  I don't think Notre Dame has enough offense to score.  As far as the points go, Notre Dame has got to score on turnovers, special teams.  I don' t think Notre Dame can score more than 10 points!" said Bob Rutkowske.
We noticed a lot of Wolverine fans enjoying their afternoon game against UMass.  
And, of course those Michigan fans are already looking forward to next week!

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