Doctors prescribing too many antibiotics

One out of every 5 visits to the ER for adverse drug reactions are related to antibiotics that were actually ordered by a doctor.

Reducing antibiotic prescribing has become a public health priority.

According to the CDC, half of all antibiotic prescriptions may not be necessary to treat patients which equates to over 3 billion dollars in excess costs.

A new study by the American College of Physicians suggest antibiotics should not be prescribed to treat the common cold because they lead to an increased risk for adverse effects.

And that means if you’ve got the common cold, antibiotics won’t make you feel better faster.

Instead, the study suggests going with symptomatic therapy which includes taking antihistamines or other over the counter medicines, and using a humidifier.

According to the CDC, besides the risk of adverse side effects, antibiotics kill all bacteria, including the healthy kind which allows  harmful bacteria to grow in its place.

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