How similar are the spring and summer seasons?

NOW: How similar are the spring and summer seasons?

The transition seasons of spring and fall can be all over the place, and we've seen evidence of that over the past 7 days, but there can be a good amount of variability between the seasons too! We took a look at the past 19 years, from 2000 to 2018, and looked at the precip totals for both the spring and summer seasons. Now, all we were looking for was how similar these seasonal precip totals were, so as along as both spring seasons had near normal numbers, it was counted as similar. But, about 33 percent of the time, there was a big spread in the seasons. Either spring was wet and the summer was dry, or vice versa.

And of the 6 years were we saw big swings the numbers, half of those have occurred in the past eight years!

It's been a chaotic weather week, but all-in-all we're still doing pretty good as far as our precip totals. Everything seems to be about normal with precip for the month and for the spring season in general. Snowfall has been a wildly different story with only 0.2 inches yesterday and seven-tenths of an inch for the spring, it's been a dry winter and spring, in terms of snowfall.

But, looking forward, as the calendar flips to May, we could easily see some changes. Long-range forecasts continue to point to a warmer, and drier end to the month that could stretch into the the first half of next month! We'll have to wait and see how things take shape, but some drier-than-normal weather is most likely on the horizon.

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