Doggie-Drive-Thru celebrates 25 years

The Doggie Drive Thru business in Niles on Third Street is celebrating its 25th anniversary this week.

Maggie Patterson, also known as “Baker Maggie” said the key to reopening her doors after tough times was to  revamp and expand.

Patterson said, “At that time we were coming off the real estate debacle, the economy was in the recession, everything was bad."

In 2012, a nationwide pet food recall affected her shop and she had to call all her customers and alert them to the issue.

Patterson said, "I took a couple years off and I decided I'm not ready to give this up and I spent the next two years putting things back together.”

Patterson still bakes pet edible hamburgers, fries, and holistic treats that pet owners can pick up in her drive through.

Patterson said, “And then you have the famous doggie pizza! This one is bought a lot for Friday night enjoyment and then gifts.”

Patterson said she's added a grooming and pet consultation services to her business recently.

Patterson said, “I really tried to make it with all the popular holistic foods and when I found out that they were cyclical with their quality ya know dogs would eat it one day and wouldn't the next then I found ‘Evangers' last July I said I'm in for another 25! (years in business) This stuff delivers and the price is right.”

Patterson said her customers and furry friends love this new line of kosher pet food and she orders large shipments from Illinois.

Patterson said, “Whatever goes in the pie hole is probably causing the health issue if you've got a problem.”  

She hired a few people to help her.

Patterson said, “I was able to hire some part time people to help me because I can't put away a thousand pounds and sell it so I hired a cashier and part time people to help me do some of the labor jobs that are required of a successful business.”

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