Dogs make a splash at dock diving competition in Niles

BERRIEN COUNTY, Ind. -- Dogs are making a splash this weekend at Bunks & Biscuit in Niles as they compete in a Dock Diving competition.

This is the first North American Diving Dog event of the year for the Michiana Diving Dogs. The competition measures the distance that the dog jumps. Dogs go up on a 40-foot dock and jump into the water as far as they can go, as their owner throws a toy for them to catch.

Dock Diving started in Michiana only three years ago. The water sport is made for any dog; big or small, who enjoys the water. All breeds are encouraged to compete. Even though it is a competition, the general manager at Bunk & Biscuit said it’s a game that anyone can come and enjoy.

“Every dog varies, so, some dogs will start at the very end of the dock and run the whole dock,” Mary Passig said. “Some of them start halfway, some of them only a little bit ways it just depends on the dog, different breeds.”

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