Donald Trump Jr. rallies in Indy for Mike Braun

NOW: Donald Trump Jr. rallies in Indy for Mike Braun

Greenfield, Ind. — Hoosier Republicans pulled out big names in the hopes the party will take another U.S. Senate seat in November.

Donald Trump Jr. headlined the party’s Right Track Results rally at Indianapolis Regional Airport on Monday.

“You all know where Joe Donnelly will be when it actually matters,” said Trump. “When something’s at stake, he’s going to follow Chuck [Schumer] and Nancy [Pelosi] and do their thing.”

Trump pulled no punches. He went after Donnelly’s senate record quite a bit before encouraging the event’s attendees to support his opponent in November’s election, Mike Braun.

Republicans are eyeing Donnelly’s seat and are banking on turning it red again. With two weeks left until the midterms, the party’s biggest names aren’t letting up on their attacks.

“Joe has to go,” said Kimberly Guilfoyle, the vice chair of American First Action PAC. “Joe Donnelly, what have you done for us lately? Don’t hold your breath.”

Donnelly weighed in on the remarks against him.

“I've spent the last six years driving to every corner of our state, and the view from the ground is that Hoosiers want someone who's going to work hard to bridge the gap between both parties, not someone who's going to deliver partisan rhetoric instead of results,” Donnelly said in part in a statement to ABC 57 News.

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