Donnelly responds to AP report about family's business

The Associated Press published a report that US Senator Joe Donnelly is profiting from a family business that relies on Mexican labor.

Last year, Donnelly criticized the Carrier Corporation last year for its plans to move manufacturing jobs to Mexico.

The AP story says the family business, Stewart Superior Corp, ships raw materials to a factory in Mexico, then ships the finished products to a facility in California.

Senator Donnelly released this statement regarding the report:

Investing in my brother's business - that I haven’t had a role in for more than a decade, and which has created Hoosier jobs in LaPorte - doesn't change my record. I've worked hard every day to keep jobs in Indiana and fight for fair trade deals that level the playing field for the American worker. Hoosiers know I’m fighting to renegotiate NAFTA for American workers and to stop new trade deals that will allow other countries to flood U.S. markets.

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