Door Dash drivers shot at in South Bend

NOW: Door Dash drivers shot at in South Bend

South Bend, Ind. –Two teenage door dashers called police from Praire Avenue, after somebody opened fire at their vehicle just before 2 a.m. on Friday, at a different location.

The bullets didn’t hit anyone, but it’s taking safety concerns to a whole new level for other Door Dashers

“I’m definitely shocked, seeing that you, I guess doing a service for somebody and you’re delivering them food, you’re not expecting to get robbed or get hurt, or anything like that, when it happens, it’s frightening,” Door Dasher, Baba Yaradou said.

South Bend police were called to the 2300 block of Huron Street for reports of shots fired at around 1:20 a.m. Friday morning. 10 minutes later, two young men who were door-dashing Huron Street called police to the 1400 block of Prairie Avenue saying they were just being shot at over on Huron.

The bullets shattering a glass car window injuring one of the drivers. And there are concerns the men may have been lured to the location by the gunman placing a bogus food order.

“If people are getting shot for delivering food, it's pretty dangerous, that’s not the first time I hear this story,” Yaradou said. 

 Yaradou has been door-dashing since December. He said his safety when out delivering is more important than the money. But, when he first started door dashing nine months ago, he used to work past midnight, now he turns off the app by 10 p.m. 

“I have seen people with like weapons, and they didn’t attack me or none of that, but actually, tried to I guess, showed me that they was armed, and they didn’t know what I was doing in the neighborhood. Cause sometimes I can't see the address so im going back and forth so, it's definitely, a safety concern,” Yaradou said.

ABC57 did reach out to Door Dash about the frightening incident. A spokesperson said, “the safety of our community is paramount and we are deeply concerned by these reports of senseless violence. We are actively investigating, will take any, and all appropriate action, and stand ready to assist law enforcement in any way we can.” 

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