Double homicide and kidnapping suspect pleads not guilty

NOW: Double homicide and kidnapping suspect pleads not guilty

The suspect in connection with a double homicide inside a Coloma home and the kidnapping of his children was in court on Tuesday.

ABC57 News first told you back in January of 2016 Alex Perez allegedly killed both 27-year-old Renee Mitchell and her father 67-year-old John Mitchell.

As of right now, Perez is looking at two charges of first degree murder of Renee and John Mitchell and a $5 million bond.

On Tuesday, for the first time the victim’s family testified and talked about the night they found out about the murders.

“All kinds of stuff, unanswered questions, why did it have to do to this, just a lot of stuff right now,” says Stephanie Kopaceski, sister of Renee and daughter of John. “If it boils down that he did this and he knows he did this then he needs to take the punishment.”

Kopaceski tells ABC57 she knew Perez was abusive to Renee, but did not think it would come to this.

During the preliminary hearing the court heard from a total of four witnesses. Kopaceski says the hearing was somewhat of a relief and sign that justice is coming their way.

“If this is a way for my family to get justice then, that’s what I want and that’s what I am here for. I am here for them. It’s been a year and a half almost and we’re definitely ready for some closure. Not just me but my daughter, my husband, my family, everyone that was involved,” says Kopaceski.

A big part of the testimony’s centered on the night the bodies were found.

“We went to the bar and I said, “Someone call the police, my sister is dead in the house. I don’t know where the girls are at and I don’t know about my dad,” says Kopaceski.

Moments later Michigan State Trooper Scott Wheeler entered the home turned crime scene along M-63. He testified that both bodies were wrapped up in comforters.

Another MSP detective took the stand too. On the stand, Douglas Kill said Perez admitted to the murders.

“He indicated Yes,” says Detective Kill. “I asked him if they were both dead when he left he said yes. He told us he climbed up from the back porch up to the roof into the window. “

The trial date has been set for October 17.

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