Double homicide in South Bend leaves people worried about rising gun violence

NOW: Double homicide in South Bend leaves people worried about rising gun violence

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- South Bend Police are investigating a double homicide that took place early this morning. Officers responded to reports of a shooting just after midnight near Jefferson and Wellington St., finding one victim with gunshot wounds. Then, officers later discovered that another victim of the shooting had been found near Eddy and Cedar St., also with gun-related injuries. Both victims have died.

Saturday's double homicide adds to a list of fatal shootings that South Bend has seen recently. While police believe that this shooting was an isolated incident, it still leaves many people in the community worried.

“You never know which way a bullet’s going to go," says Johanna Foster, nearby resident to Lasalle Park Homes.

Johanna Foster collapsed to her living room floor last night after she heard shots being fired just down the street from her house. These gunshots she heard resulted in a deadly shooting, leaving two victims dead. She says this is not the only time she's had to dodge bullets in her neighborhood.

“When they first started shooting, my friend was leaving out the door, and she came back in and we both hit the floor," Foster recalls. “I live by myself and you know, a lot of times when I come out the door there is shooting going on and I have to run back in and dodge and things like that. So yes, it’s scary.”

Saturday's incident adds to the tally of deadly shootings that South Bend has seen recently, causing residents to worry for their safety in the city.

“It makes me hurt. It makes me wonder if I’m safe," says Foster. "Only because, no matter where you go in the world it can happen anywhere, but you really don’t expect it to happen, a lot of times, where you live".

As gun violence increases in South Bend and across the country, people such as Foster are hoping for a safer community; one where they no longer have to fear for safety in their own homes.

“I don’t know, people just need to come together as one and stop all the violence," Foster says.

Currently, the South Bend Police Department's Violent Crimes Unit is continuing their investigation, and no arrests have been made yet.

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