Dowagiac man drops everything to help with relief efforts in Alabama

NOW: Dowagiac man drops everything to help with relief efforts in Alabama

DOWAGIAC, Ind.-- Officials say 23 people are dead and more are hurt after tornadoes tore through Alabama and other southern states Sunday night.

The news has one Michiana man packing up donations to help those affected.

"They said it was like a super-cell. I’ve never dealt with anything like that but i’m prepared," said Brian Antisdel. He's sending relief aid to those impacted.

The race is on for relief efforts to help those affected by the catastrophic tornadoes that swept through parts of Alabama, Georgia, and Florida and one man living almost 1,000 miles away is ready to respond.

“Maybe they need some food, or a house that’s been destroyed and they need someone to come in and muck it out. We’ll do anything I've washed dishes before," said Antisdel.

Right now, Antisdel and his Michigan team are on standby as first responders in Alabama do their jobs but as soon as they get the green light to head down, they're jumping into action. 

"They’re all getting stuff prepped, they're getting their stuff done, jobs they have to get down, men that have to get their honey-do list done. We’re volunteers at this point so we have to do things because we know whats coming when they need us.”

You could help too by donating any supplies to Antisdel and his team before they head down to Alabama on Thursday.

“Dear Dowagiac, we’re not a group but a town of greatness. Dear Alabama, people that have been affected. We love you and we care about you. We’re coming. And I pray to God people get their before we do.”

You can get in contact with Antisdel and his team to donate, or if you have family in Alabama who needs aid by emailing [email protected]

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