Dowagiac parents honor high school senior athletes

NOW: Dowagiac parents honor high school senior athletes

DOWAGIAC, Mich. –– High school athletes look forward to suiting up each and every week, but with COVID-19 it is the senior athletes who are going to miss arguably the most memorable moment of their young careers –– senior day. However, Dowagiac Union High School parents still found a way to honor their seniors. 

Michelle Hassle said she could not stand the thought of her son, John, not getting the honor every senior athlete deserves. 

"I went and decorated my front door against my son's wishes, and I started talking to other parents and said 'let's do this, let's get a trend, let's celebrate them. They're missing out on memories,'" Michelle said.         

Nonetheless, before the trend started, John, a wrestler and soccer player, said he was bummed he would be losing his final season.

"It sucks. We're seniors, it's our last hoorah. It's what we've been building up to for all these years" John said.

John's childhood friend and fellow senior athlete, Greta Whitaker said she was also disappointed, but was thankful for the community's support.

"I just want to say thank you to all of [the parents], it's so much support, and it's great for all of us," Whitaker said. 

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