Downed power lines cause outages throughout all of downtown Bristol

NOW: Downed power lines cause outages throughout all of downtown Bristol

BRISTOL, Ind.-- “Crazy. We heard a loud pop and bang," said Tiffany Anderson about the moment she saw a power line fall down at the busy intersection of Indiana State Road 15 and State Road 120 in Bristol. 

"You could see the wire hanging down in the road and semi-trucks were still coming through," Anderson. 

A live high voltage power line came down during mid-day traffic.

"This was complicated because the power line was down and then another truck came and made it even worse," said witness Margaret Turza.

"You’ve got cars coming through and bringing those wires down to the ground completely. Very dangerous situation. This is actually the second time on this road that this has happened along this road," said Anderson.

Bristol Police confirms another electrical line went down just a few months ago because a car crashed into a nearby utility pole.

I&M reports another vehicle caused this incident but police say its still under investigation.

No injuries were reported, even so the important question is whether you know what do if a live wire landed on your vehicle?

Huge wire lands on your car, would you know what to do?

“Stay in my car? No clue to be honest," said Anderson.

Would we know what to do if that power line landed on your car?

“The most important thing to do is stay in your car and don’t touch any metal. Handles, keys, nothing," said Turza.

Turza is right.

Bristol police ABC 57, remain in your vehicle, do not touch anything in your car, call 9-1-1 and let them know that you’re okay, but above all...

“Remain in the vehicle; don’t get out of the vehicle! The power lines are set to surge a multitude of times to try to clear the debris that’s typically one them. That’s what they're going to do. So you have to wait that out and wait for emergency crews to get here and extricate you out of that vehicle safely," said Bristol Police Department Chief, Mike Albin.

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