Downtown St. Joseph, Michigan’s social district opens

Signage is posted throughout the downtown district to show where alcoholic beverages can and cannot be carried and consumed. Photo courtesy of St. Joseph Today

A map of the downtown district courtesy of St. Joseph Today

ST. JOSEPH, Mich.—The downtown district, also known as the social district, in St. Joseph officially opened on June 16, according to the executive director of St. Joseph Today, Amy Zapal.

The district, which is located between Elm Street and Ship Street and State Street and the east side of Lake Boulevard, provides common areas downtown where alcoholic beverages from participating local establishments can be carried and consumed.

Lake Bluff Park is excluded from the downtown district.

Currently, participating establishments include White Pine Winery, Lazy Ballerina Winery, Baroda Founders Wine Cellar and Schu’s Bar & Grill.

St. Joseph Today proposed the district as a way of supporting local businesses, according to Zapal.

The downtown district operates seven days per week from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Here’s how it works: People 21 years old and older can purchase an alcoholic beverage in a designated cup from a participating establishment. The drink can then be carried and consumed in the district’s common areas.

Downtown district beverages cannot be taken outside of the common area boundaries, noted by signage.

Alcoholic beverages purchased at one establishment may not be taken into any other establishment.

The downtown district cups are not reusable and outside beverages may not be brought into the common areas.

Zapal said the area is referred to as both the downtown district and the social district.

Updates on the downtown district can be found on St. Joseph Today’s website.

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