Dr. Fox discusses the latest on the local vaccine rollout

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – Deputy Health Officer of St. Joseph County, Dr. Mark Fox, joins ABC57 News to discuss the latest on the local vaccine rollout.

ABC57’s Brian Conybeare interviews Dr. Fox on his expert advice as the vaccine is beginning Phase 1A in different parts of Michiana.

Among the topics Conybeare brings up to Dr. Fox include his take on pregnant women and women who are breast feeding getting the vaccine; concerns for those who are volunteering at vaccine clinics; how many people have been inoculated in St. Joseph County; and what it’s been like at hospitals post-Christmas?  

Dr. Fox speaks on the risks that volunteers can take on and what is needed from those volunteers.

“There are certainly are some potential risks as the people coming to get the vaccine could have been exposed and could transmit the virus so it certainly is not without risk,” said Dr. Fox. “There will be appropriate personal protective equipment whether its people giving immunizations themselves-those people obviously have to be appropriately credentialed- but we also have a need for other volunteers with all of the logistics of making this happen.”

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