Dr. Moss recognizes JAG students at Adams High School

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- With each choreographed step, the students of Adams High School danced their way to first place with a two minute commercial designed to persuade other students to sign up for JAG, or Jobs for America’s Graduates.

"JAG is basically kind of like family,” said student Jordan Tolbert. “You know it's more than just a class."

The students may need a little extra help academically, but they shine in other ways. 

"I want to be a fireman or I want to go into ministry," said Tolbert. 

"I'm going to college and after 2 years I’m joining the Army,” said Aliyah Booker, president of JAG class

"Basically I'm just a leader. Anything you need me to do I can do it all,” said studen Mike Bush.

These are the faces of the Adams JAG class, juniors and seniors learning job and leadership skills.

"I think the young people in our community should be more recognized,” said student Nadja Hines. “And at the beginning of the year I was shy and I've grown as a person."

The class challenges the students to grow into themselves and fight against the stereotypes, something Dr. David Moss emphasized during his class visit.

"Well you got to think outside the box,” said Moss, the director of African American Student and Parent Services for the South Bend Community School Corporation. 

Dr. Moss is reaching out and recognizing the accomplishments of African American students in the district, and reminding them that education is key, and with education comes more choices in life.  

"You got to think for yourself in terms of what's going to give you the kind of life that you want,” said Dr. Moss. 

And his comments resonated with the students.

“It's like breaking a mold,” said Bush. “Like what society expects of people like that’s why I like JAG. It’s like breaking from everything people expect of you and becoming great."

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