Drifting snow causing problems for rural drivers

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- As Michiana preps for this winter storm warning, some areas are still dealing with weather related problems cause by the previous storm.  

The winds are creating whiteout conditions with drifting snow and issued a ban on high profile vehicles.  

Clean up from the last snow storm, for these residents in the more rural areas of Michiana, hasn't come fast enough.  And now the arctic blast that is headed our way is only going to make things worse.  

INDOT says they are working to make sure all hands are on deck, in order to clear the roads, before the next big storm hits.  

"We have different kinds of plows that we use to push that snow further off the roads to lessen the chance of snow coming onto the roadways,"  says Matt Deitchley, media spokesman for INDOT.

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