Drive sober or get pulled over

BANGOR, Mich.-- A man was arrested last night after he ran over his 7year-old son admitted to driving drunk!

A 34 year-old man from bangor, michigan was at a realtive's residence yelling at some kids.

His son then climbed into the car, without his knowledge.

After hitting a bump in the road, the driver lost control and his son fell off.

That's when he was run over by the rear wheel.

Deputies have contacted child protective services.

And that incident occured on the very first day indiana state police started cracking down on drunk driving.

Their campaign "Drive sober---Get Pulled Over" started yesterday.

Until labor day troopers will join more than 250 other police agencies to put an end to impaired and dangerous driving!

Troopers will work over-time to spot impaired and agressive drivers to try to prevent more accidents like that to happen!

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