Drive-thru prayer and grocery giveaway

NOW: Drive-thru prayer and grocery giveaway

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- Spreading kindness, not germs.

Members of the Christ Temple Apostolic Church gathered together to give bags of food to the community in need.

Grocery bags were filled with bread, eggs, milk among other essential foods and were given to those who drove to the Church at the intersection of Elwood and Olive Street.

Pastor Jim McKinnies says the group filled over 50 bags to give along with prayers during this tough time.

The Church holds a monthly bread and milk drive, yet they felt this was a necessary next step.

McKinnies says they wanted to be able to spread a message of caring and love while maintaining everyone's health by using gloves and the drive thru system.

The giveaway was a huge success and gave all of their bags away in just 40 minutes!

Christ Temple plans to hold another driveway giveaway on Wednesday if they are not able to get enough food prior.

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