Driver hits pedestrian helping her back out of driveway

LAGRANGE COUNTY, Ind. -- A woman suffered serious injuries after she was struck by a vehicle backing out of a driveway, according to the LaGrange County Sheriff's Department.

The driver of a Chevy Equinox was backing out of a driveway on 900 E in Wolcottville around 6:20 p.m. with the assistance of Lydia Wohlers.

A GMC Acadia was parked at an angle behind the Equinox and Wohlers was standing near the GMC, guiding the driver of the Equinox.

The driver of the Equinox hit the Acadia and Wohlers - and knocked Wohlers to the ground.

One of the tires of the Equinox rolled over Wohlers and came to a rest on top of her.

When the driver moved the Equinox to free Wohlers, it hit the Acadia again.

Wohlers was taken to the hospital by family members, then transferred to the Parkview Regional Medical Center in Fort Wayne for treatment of a cut to the head, broken pelvis and broken right ankle.

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