Drivers crash all over Michiana after first snowfall

NOW: Drivers crash all over Michiana after first snowfall

ELKHART, Ind. --It's official here: the first snowfall of Michiana.

But with a winter wonderland, comes some dangers for drivers on the road. 

The number of car accidents Thursday morning, skyrocketed, as drivers were unaccustomed to the slippery roads. 

Elkhart saw 27 total car crashes, in just a span of about four hours.

"We've found for the first snowfall in this area, people kind of forget what it is to drive on that," says Sgt. Snyder, with Elkhart Police. "We didn't have a lot of snow, but the roads were certainly slick this morning."

There were 18 property damage crashes, and nine crashes with injuries. 

That was just from about 7 a.m.until just before noon.

The police department has been working with the street department and the city, to make sure the roads are safe.

"We call and say, ''hey roads are getting bad in this area, can we get someone over here," so that we can expedite getting to the areas we know are worse," explains Snyder. 

But he says, it's also up to the driver to be careful on the slick roadways.

"This isn't the first time we've had snow in Northern Indiana," he says. "The biggest thing is speed. Everybody looks at the pseed limit signs but you have to remember that that is for dry conditions."

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