Dry, windy weather sparks fire concerns across Michiana

NOW: Dry, windy weather sparks fire concerns across Michiana

The howling wind Wednesday helped temperatures reach record-breaking territory during the afternoon hours.

The temperature weren't the only thing that was elevated on Wednesday, however. Fire danger, due to the dry and windy weather, was a concern across Michiana.

Michiana has been the epicenter of the abnormally dry weather since the summer. Most of northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan are in the midst of a rainfall deficit of at least eight inches.

Midwestern Regional Climate Center

South Bend is still waiting for its first measurable raindrops of March. We've been dry for the first ten days of the month, matching the record set back in the 1930s.

And while there is rain on the way for Thursday, the soaking rain that we were expecting earlier in the week now appears more paltry. High-resolution models paint only about 0.25 inches of rain by Thursday afternoon for most of Michiana.

All signs continue to point to the drought sticking around for the foreseeable future in Michiana.

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