DTSB hosts 'Downtown for the Holidays' encouraging more holiday traditions

NOW: DTSB hosts ’Downtown for the Holidays’ encouraging more holiday traditions

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- An organization in South Bend used downtown-area events throughout the month of December to encourage people to create holiday memories in the area.

Downtown South Bend hosted ‘Downtown for the Holidays’ beginning on December 7 to December 24. The month-long event included themed weekends, holiday parades, sleigh rides, and more.

“Today we came out to see Santa,” said Frank Beckton, who took his family to see DTSB’s Santa Claus.

He said his family usually spends Christmas Eve eating brunch, wrapping gifts, and baking sweet treats. This year, the family of three went downtown to take pictures with Santa Clause.

DTSB Event Coordinator Kylie Carter said 351 people came out on Monday to take pictures with Santa Clause at his post downtown on the College GameDay Gridiron.

“People are always looking for some free, family-friendly activities to do especially this time of year and we provided lots of them,” Carter said.

Carter said all of the events a part of ‘Downtown for the Holidays’ were free. She said it’s important to host event months like this to encourage parents to create last memories with their children in downtown South Bend just like they did.

“They [adults] remember the old Robinson’s Department Store and different memories they have coming to do holiday activities,” Carter said. “We want to make the same ones for the next generation.”


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