DTSB welcomes family-owned pharmacy to Commerce Center

NOW: DTSB welcomes family-owned pharmacy to Commerce Center

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Thursday morning, Downtown South Bend Inc. celebrated yet another ribbon cutting ceremony for a new business coming to the Commerce Center.

This time for a family run pharmacy, hoping to combat pricey prescription drug costs for the community.

From 2022 to 2023 DTSB says they cut ribbons to welcome 30 businesses to the community, this year they plan for another 24 more, including the brand new Healthy U Rx Pharmacy.

The red carpet was rolled out, the golden scissors made the cut, and DTSB welcomed the new family run pharmacy.

This is Healthy U Rx’s second location in the downtown area.

The first opened right before the pandemic on the corner of Williams and Jefferson in hopes to provide affordable and accessible healthcare services to the community by deciding their own prices and delivering medications for no extra charge.

"So, sometimes we don't make as much profit on a prescription, but we know we are able to take care of our patients which is much more important to us,” said Jada Bush the owner and supervising pharmacist.

Bush worked for a national pharmacy chain for 18 years before deciding to open her own, with the goal of taking the time to get to know patients and to provide them individualized care.

"And so, she left that line of work to create these pharmacy businesses to better serve the community. So, it’s really great,” said Courtney Kelby the Director of Business Development for DTSB.

Michael Bush, a pastor born and raised in South Bend said when you call you can expect to talk to a pharmacist, not a machine, in English or Spanish.

All locations will have a bilingual staff on site.

"It is not the big box of the chain pharmacy...so it's our family providing services to your family... so, it is just more of a personal touch. We know our patients, and you'll know your pharmacist,” said Bush.

DTSB said they are excited to see another needed service come to the east bank neighborhood, not far from the East Race Market Grocery Store.

"It is such an exciting time downtown we are excited to see more growth and development this year,” added Kelby.

The new pharmacy will be open 9 a.m. - 4 p.m., Tuesday through Friday, and accepts most insurance coverage.

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