DTSB welcomes new tapas restaurant

South Bend has been boasting new signage to welcome Tapastrie, the new tapas restaurant on Colfax Ave.

Chefs Tony Nafrady and John Bulger have a history of cooking together, and now, they are reunited as head chefs of Tapastrie.

“As far as downtown South Bend, there is no tapas style restaurant,” said Bulger.  “We’ve kind of covered the bases. The menu is very vast.”

The menu includes lighter cocktails for after work as well as a pig leg aged two years, one of the most expensive meats you can buy.

“It’s just something you won’t be able to find close to here,” said Nafrady.

Before starting Tapastrie, Bulger was the executive chef at LaSalle Grill, and Tony was executive chef at Fiddler’s Hearth. 

The men promise Tapastrie is something you haven’t tasted before, citing flavors from the Mediterranean, Spain, Middle East, and Southern France.

Tapastrie opens Tuesday Nov. 17 at 11:30 a.m.

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