Duo in Ford Model T travel cross-country, make stop in South Bend

NOW: Duo in Ford Model T travel cross-country, make stop in South Bend


In 1908, the Ford Motor Company introduced the world to the Model T.

The rest, as they say, is automotive history.

In over a century it’s safe to say cars and technology have taken a dramatic turn.

From the simplicity of the Model T to self-driving Teslas, it’s clear the future is now.

But two men with one mission are intent on delaying that for at least the next three weeks.

Tom Cotter and David Coleman, along with their Photographer, are teaming up on a 2,500-mile trek from New York to San Francisco, via the Lincoln Highway, in search of the nostalgia.

The entire journey in a 1926 version of the Ford classic.

The trio made a stop in South Bend on Wednesday at the Studebaker National Museum.

Cotter, a Connecticut native, is no stranger to the museum or classic cars.

“We are doing it the old fashioned way. Little hotels and bungalows. Trying to eat in restaurants that have been there a long time. We are trying to do it the way they did it 100 years ago, before people forget how to do that,” said Cotter.

The 1926 Ford Model T is a modified version of the classic and a tight squeeze for the over six-foot car buffs.

Sam Wolfe is a car enthusiast and museum member who was looking forward to Wednesday’s visit.

“This is something special. And what he’s doing with this model t is special,” said Wolfe.

“This is a 1926 Model T Speedster. In the Model T world, this is a hotrod. Instead of having 20 horsepower, it has 40 horsepower. Instead of cruising at 35 miles per hour, we are cruising at 55 miles per hour. We are getting 18-20 miles per gallon and averaging 52 miles an hour on the open road,” said Cotter.

The two men were even offering rides to on-lookers.

“We are living an experience many other people wish they could take, it’s a trip we are doing for a million other people,” said Cotter.

Taking a step back to highlight history and enjoy the ride.

They expect to make it to the Pacific Ocean by the end of May.

Cotter, who has authored books before, plans to write a book about their road trip.

You can follow their journey by clicking on this link:


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