Dwindling resources for heroin addicts

Heroin is readily available in Michiana, but the resources for addicts are dwindling.

This issue that is expected to get worse.

Now there is a problem in trying to treat it. 

The National Institute on Drug Abuse shows a steady increase of heroin use nationwide. 

With usage up, facilities are in need of more resources. 

St. Joseph county has no medical detox centers, putting a burden on facilities like Oaklawn.

John Horseley the director of addiction services ar Oaklawn says " When we have someone sitting in front of us who is willing to detox, we have no detox to send them to."

Oaklawn never turns down those who need help, but they are struggling with resources. 

They are forced to find facilities in other counties to send patients to detox. 

The problem continues after the detox process.

Many who become clean do not want to continue treatments that will keep them off the drug. 
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