Early worm gets the big fish

ELKHART, Ind. — Fisherman, listen up. If you're wondering why you haven't caught the one yet it's because you're doing it at the wrong time of day.

That is according to a trio of fisherman that told ABC57's Eric Steltzer.

These guys you're about to meet are probably up before most of our viewers. And that's how early they say you need to get up to catch the big fish.

While you were sleeping, these three men already put worms on their hooks and made their way to this bridge to go fishing.

To get the best bang for their buck, they set multiple reels and bring lots of bait.

But can you even catch at these hours?

Well, according to these guys, it could be the big one.

All three say they travel around Elkhart together at night for the best score. They claim they never catch larger fishes during the day.

Another benefit to fishing at night, it's nice and quiet. Nothing but the sound of water. And maybe a few passing cars.

In the end,  you could possibly enjoy the thrill of reeling in one of the biggest fishes of your life.

And one thing you need to know before you head out. Police say that you need a fishing license or you could face a hefty fine.

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