Easter egg hunt extravaganza starts tomorrow

ELKHART, Ind. -- With Easter just around the corner, the Easter festivities begin in Elkhart.

The City of Elkhart Parks and Recreation Department is bringing some family fun to the community daily for the month of April or until all eggs are found.

Starting tomorrow, the Easter scavenger hunt will begin at several different public parks where you can be a lucky winner of a few prizes.

“Every year we try to get people out into the parks around spring time. And, being Easter, people love to do the egg hunt so the idea is that what can we do passively right now with COVID that people can experience and how do we get them out in the parks. And, the idea really identified itself and well we can do an egg hunt, people can come and enjoy the parks on their own,” said Jamison Czarnecki, superintendent of Elkhart Parks and Recreations

The different parks that have 36 hidden eggs are; McNaughton, Walker, Roosevelt, Hayden, High Dive, 3rd and Park Tot Lot and the Elkhart Environmental Center.

Depending on each park, they each have their own number of eggs hidden.

Once, you find the lucky egg, you can head on over to the Tolson Center or the Elkhart Environmental Center to claim your prize.

Some prizes include a bag of goodies for children and gift certificates to local businesses.

One of the local businesses that the city thought of was The Dutch Kernel.

The Dutch Kernel is a local popcorn shop that recently opened its doors for the first time during a pandemic in November.

“The community has been so amazing. And, they do think of me. And, they do include me. And, I'm so grateful,” said Mary Jess, Owner of The Dutch Kernel.

So, if you're a lucky winner, you will receive a gift certificate in support of local businesses.

One of them being The Dutch Kernel.

“We have over 45 different flavors of popcorn, you can come in. You can sample! We have anything from deluxe row...the chocolates, nuts and all the goodies. This row here is your Chicago style…. caramel, cheddars, candy coated and savories,” Jess said.

Jess says this isn’t the only way she’s getting into the holiday spirit. She’s selling popcorn Easter baskets this year, too!

“The baskets are full of popcorn. There is a variety and I also have a line of candy that has toys and I just fixed up a couple baskets for the popcorn lovers in your life,” Jess said.

Again, the race to finding those eggs will start tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. in Elkhart. The limit is one egg per family.

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