Edwardsburg Public Schools closed Friday due to social media threat

CASS COUNTY, Mich. – Edwardsburg Public Schools will be closed on Friday due to social media threats that were forwarded to a district administrator on Thursday night.

According to school officials, the threatening message was a copy message posted from a Lansing school district with a further message added.

Law enforcement officials were immediately notified and made aware of the incident. Due to the timing of the message, school officials and law enforcement could not fully investigate the threat before the school day starts.

Threats of any nature are against the District Code of Conduct and can lead to very serious legal penalties. School officials say that threats or threatening behavior do not have any place in the school or community.

When more information and directions become available, Edwardsburg Public Schools will notify students, parents and staff.

School officials and law enforcement want to remind you that if you see something, say something. To anonymously submit a tip, go to OK2SAY. Anyone can report tips on criminal activity or threats directed at students, school employees or schools.

If parents or students have any questions, they are asked to reach out to the school building.

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