Edwardsburg seeing five to eight larcenies each night

EDWARDSBURG, Mich. - A small Cass County town has been plagued by petty crime this summer.

Edwardsburg has seen well over 100 break-ins and thefts in the past few weeks. Police say the majority of the heists are similar. 

“We think over there,” said Connie Hebrom, pointing out the door she thinks robbers entered this week.

Hebrom lives near Garver Lake in Edwardsburg Township, the area thieves targeted Wednesday night. Her garage door was left unlocked. A weed-whacker and a can of gas were stolen.

“Now they’re gone,” she said.

“I usually get five to eight calls every morning on one street, maybe two,” said Kaycee Houston with the Edwardsburg Police Department. Lately the small department has been inundated with larceny reports.

Reports show houses, garages, cars, recreational vehicles, and a boat have been targeted.

“Lately it’s been a rash of people going underneath the car and drilling out the gas tank and taking the gas,” said Houston.

Village Automatic, a small manufacturing business on Section Street saw a gas-theft this week. Not only was the motor home broken into the gas tanks of several vehicles were drilled into and the fuel siphoned.

“It doesn’t make me feel good,” said Hebrom. When she moved in her neighborhood a year ago she wasn’t expecting this.

Edwardsburg Police said if cars are locked and valuables left out-of-sight, the chances for a break-in are reduced.


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