Elderly woman and special needs daughter in Niles still need help

The elderly woman and her special needs daughter robbed at gunpoint last month in their Niles home still need help.

“I was so fearful,” Nadine Weightman, 87, said in a January interview. “I just started shaking, and I just knew we was gonna get killed.”

That’s what Weightman said just days after she and her special needs daughter, Deedee, were robbed at gunpoint inside their Niles home.

“I’m not going back there,” Weightman said. When asked what her plan was going forward, she said, “I don’t know; I’m floating it right now.”

The mother and daughter are too afraid to return to their home, so the community is stepping up to help them afford a new, safe place to live.

“We are selling Girl Scout cookies with the efforts of helping raise money for our troop and for my grandma,” Jamie McCreery said.

McCreery was with local Brownie and Daisy Girl Scout Troop 00382 at Niles’ Wonderland Cinema Saturday evening as the girls sold cookies in an effort to help Nadine and Deedee get back on their feet.

“I was really touched to have somebody help my family like that,” McCreery said.

The troop is donating half of all the money they raise to Nadine and Deedee.

McCreey said the mother and daughter have found a new apartment, but they need all the help they can get to afford it.

The Girl Scouts will be at the Home Depot in Niles on Valentine’s Day from noon to 4 p.m. selling more cookies.

In addition to the cookie proceeds, McCreery has set up a GoFundMe account to raise money for Nadine and Deedee. The link can be found here.

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