Elementary teacher needs community support to get drones for class

Drone technology is booming nowadays, and a local Goshen elementary teacher wants to take advantage, but he needs some community support to do so.

Andrew Kauffman wants to teach his Chandler Elementary students about drone technology, something that isn't common in an elementary school classroom.

The drones would be used to teach video storytelling and music engineering, as well as computer technology. All great skills to learn early. But Kauffman says he needs some help to do so. And is asking the community to lend a hand. He says it's a chance to provide something these kids have never experienced before.

"A lot of the kids come from backgrounds where they aren't going to have these experiences," said Kauffman. "Or if they do fly it they don't actually think about how they can tell stories and learn about science. There's so many things we can get them to do."

Kauffman says any little bit helps. You can donate here.

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